A better way to pay



The Vault App is a FASTER, more convenient way to PAY. View your payments immediately without the endless clutter of paper receipts.

How it Works:

  • Signup fast and conveniently
  • Enter a payment method
  • Click "Accept" when paying for a product or service

Pay Instantly

Send money quickly for products and services

Shop Safely

Payments are safe and secure

No Hidden Fees

Consistent and transparent fees every time you make a purchase

The Vault App for your business

If your business is non banked, underbanked, or you want a cashless payment option for your customers, The Vault App is your solution.

Accept funds nationwide directly through the app.
  • Instantly pay your vendors.
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Sales Tracking and Reporting
  • Customers check out with an easy click
  • Build loyalty programs, reward programs, and referrals
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Secure Payments

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Vault will NEVER share your payment details.

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